THE NEW FLEAS CIRCUS FREE VERSION, NOW IN APP STORE FOR LIMITED TIME has just publish the new 2.02 version of Fleas Circus game for iPhone & iPad. You can download it free at or with this QR code:
Download Fleas Circus capturing this QR code

This app for iPhone and iPad is an original circus where our protagonists, the fleas, must reach the goal with your help. To lead our players well, you have to make them jump on trampolines and cannons or prevent different objects, as bombs or walls. If fleas reach their goal, you earn points and arrive to next levels.

Playing Fleas Circus is very easy. Don’t forget to watch this tutorial to improve your technique:
If the initial levels seem to be easy, the game is more difficult at higher levels. You find gradually more barriers to achieve your goal and… Little by little there will be more and more fleas!
Fleas Circus has 36 addictive levels. In this new version,all levels are free. Only one condition… If you want to play the last two levels, you should share it on social media! To play in level 35 you have to share the game on Twitter. If you are looking for more… Why don’t you discover level 36? To get it, you must share Fleas Circus on Facebook. We guarantee you some fun-filled moments!
Image of Fleas Circus in an iPad